Richard Dombrowski

Wealth Manager

Cell: 814-200-9080


Erie, PA

"Helping my clients maximize their financial future through a long-term and trusted relationship is what motivates me. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals through an elevated fiduciary level of care." 

- Richard Dombrowski

Local Fiduciary Advisor

Richard and his team specialize in the development of comprehensive wealth management plans, the execution of goal-based planning strategies, and managing client investment portfolios specifically tailored to their financial priorities.

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Risemint Capital Advisors

Risemint is a fiduciary Advisory firm that provides an elevated fiduciary level of care.  We do this through investing heavily in resources, tools, technology, and most importantly,  recruiting and keeping top talent.

  • Risemint's approach is team based, allowing for specialization as we work through the financial planning process. This allows Richard to utilize his skill sets to maximize the client experience while being available anytime you need him. 

  • Richard lives by a "get it done right the first time" mantra. This is a crucial first step in ensuring his clients' experiences are wholly satisfying throughout the time working together. 

  • Here at Risemint, we are investment service driven. We do not make commissions on products and do not have any financial incentive to use any specific funds. The funds we employ in your portfolios are thus purely objectively based and the result of a rigorous selection process.