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Financial Planner

Service: We are looking to bring on a Client Relationship Manager who can service their existing book, and take on clients provided by Risemint.

Sales: Service inbound leads that are provided by Risemint and engage in business development opportunities to grow your book.

About the Role

The primary role of the lead advisor (“LA”) at Risemint Capital Advisors (“RCA”) is to manage your client relationships through a fiduciary level of care. With the support of your associate advisor (“AA”) and RCA’s resources,  you will be able to provide your clients a  “white glove” level of service. Ensuring our clients are always satisfied is all of our end goals! 


The LA can rely heavily on the AA to provide all necessary back-office and operational support, including clerical, data entry, application processing, and more. As an LA, you must adhere to the policies and communication plan outlined in the CRM. The LA is expected to follow through on their commitments, remain committed to continuing education, be proactive with their clients and abide by all CRM and practice management requirements.

The role is best suited for those who enjoy growing and managing client relationships and helping address clients’ comprehensive financial planning needs through developing and implementing a custom financial plan. 


Growing a book of business would include fielding "inbound" opportunities and finding "outbound" business opportunities through warm and cold channels. You would be responsible for forming that approach and Risemint would provide support, both monetarily and through collaboration, to make sure you get the most for your efforts. It would be at your discretion to close your book to new business based on the income and lifestyle you wish to maintain. 

Servicing a Book of Business

  • Serve as the primary relationship manager and financial planner

  • Provide a minimum of one comprehensive planning session per year

  • Provide a minimum of four personalized client interactions per year 

Grow a Book of Business

  • Nurturing and converting warm leads

  • Developing and executing upon campaigns


  • Engage with the client on a fiduciary level of care, always

  • Carry oneself with professionalism at all times

  • Be prompt in your responses and detail-oriented in all engagements

  • Promptly disclose conflicts of interest with RCA management

  • All phone conversations must be through your RCA business line

  • All email communications must be through your RCA Google email

  • All virtual meeting conversations must be through Google Meet

  • All conversations with clients & prospects must be documented in the CRM

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